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After proudly serving customers for over 100 years, Gerdisa continues to grow

Company Background

GERDISA began its activities in 1914 as a distributor of chemical compounds in the Madrid area. 

Today we have managed to secure a large and prestigious customer base within the Spanish market. Our sales force is constantly adding new clients while maintaining strong ties with a long lasting clientele.

Some of our clients have placed their trust in us for well over 40 years.

And despite the recent Spanish recession, our revenues have been growing steadily year-on-year.

Gerdisa Instalaciones desde Aire

Gerdisa is strategically located in the heart of Spain, close to the country's capital. Madrid. The strategic location makes it possible for the company to serve the Spanish market both effectively and efficiently.

Gerdisa's continuing commitment to high quality of service combined with unparalleled expertise from a highly-experienced team is key to why the company remains strong and continues to grow. 

Our Strategy

In 2014, GERDISA expanded its product line through the distribution of ecological and low impact organic solutions for the agriculture sector.

Starting in 2015, it is expected that Spain will be the fastest growing economy in Europe; hence we expect to benefit from this halo effect, together with our revamped commercial strategy, in order to target double-digit growth in all of our existing and new businesses.

Company Growth and an Invitation

A pivotal component of our strategy is to create special partnerships with a selected number of players within the Chemical Industry, which may be interested to distribute their products across the Spanish Peninsula.

Gerdisa is interested from hearing from any international producers  of high-quality chemical products or, ecological products for the agricultural sector.

If you believe you could be a good fit, we highly encourage​ you to contact us using the contact form here on the right-hand side.

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